Oral or Facial Pain
Oral / Facial Movement Disorders

Oral and facial movement disorders represent involuntary movements of the face, jaw and / or tongue. The most common causes for these disorders include primary neurological disorders, primary muscle disorders, medication side effects, and more.

These involuntary movements can significantly affect quality of life and also contribute to other problems such as facial or jaw pain, and injury to the teeth.

A thorough evaluation by a qualified and experienced clinician is essential to effectively exploring your diagnosis and treatment options. The movements can often be reduced or eliminated using a variety of approaches ranging from muscle relaxant medication, anti-convulsant medication, BOTOX injection, and neurosurgery. The options that fit you best depend upon your underlying cause, and can only be determined after a thorough evaluation.

Dr. Sirois is s Diplomat of the American Board of Oral Medicine, received the PhD in Neruoscience, serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the Hemifacial Spasm Association, and is an internationally recognized clinician and scientist addressing facial pain and movement disorders.

If you think you suffer from involuntary oral or facial movements, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sirois to get the best advice.

For authoritative patient resources on orofacial movement disorders, visit these organization websites:

Hemifacial Spasm Association:  http://www.hfs-assn.org/

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation: http://www.dystonia-foundation.org/pages/more_info/48.php